an oasis of pleasurable sensation

Garden of Sensual Delight has been a premier source of
fine perfumes, exotic and theraputic massage oils,
essential oil blends and aromatic treats since 1994.
We use the finest quality essential oils,
organic carrier oils, and many excellent ingredients
to make the best products available to you.
Consistent in-house testing is performed to maintain
our standard of quality of our source ingredients.
We consistently receive accolades for our fine and diligent work
from discerning customers throughout the land.

Hello... This is most certainly not an ecommerse site. Its function is to keep every one who is interested up to date on the happenings at GOSD.
We are back with more aromatic treats. I now take PAYPAL or VENMO. but everything is still un-automatic. One must contact me first, then i will send the order, then you PAYPAL me.

Specials-  this is where some interesting things are...
Single Essences A rare sale of singles essences
Perfume-  The exotic garden of sensual delight


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