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      creation point of audio  frequency vibrations

            and occasional passing flourescent orange kangaroos


Dancing Bear Audio Research is the codename for a vortex of projects and collaborations that i am or was involved in:

    Crystal with special big band version of CAP.
live performance at the Matt Bevel Institute in Tucson AZ USA, Rich RAWs birthday jam

60 Cycle Hum   --- 1981-1992 An acid soaked noise/feedback/space jam duo (with a long standing drummer/percussionist, wes jensen),
we started out doing rock n roll covers with extended improvisations and quirky minimalist/maximalist originals.

Your Brain on Drugs --- 1988-1992 was a solo effort by me (crystal) during a slow period towards the
end of 60 Cycle Hum. Two cassette tapes were released and about 10 live performances performed including one memorable outdoor jam when the troopers showed up at 2:00am and said they could hear the noise for over a mile away ;^)   fun.

AEON --- 1991-1994 was a duo of me- bass guitar, feedback, electronics, and Marl Stiller- didjeridou that lasted about 3 years and at least 25 performances. Very trance inducing, spacey and earthy all at once ...

Crystal Awareness Project ---was the working/playing name of some various electro-acoustic ensembles formed and unformed during 1999-2001. With Deborah Heron and Rich Waryan on anything that makes music.
This was a wild gig as both Deb and Rich had perfect pitch and could play almost any instrument while i did feedback and noise. We played many gigs in AZ USA.
There were also CAP gigs with Deborah Sue Bee Heron and Don Haugen (whom i played with in Holy Rodent) in Eugene

Crystal guesting with Onomatopoeia ---I met and played with this quartet in Eugene.
We did some gigs on the same bill, and some with me jamming with them, between 93-97

Crystal Dew ---was the duo of Crystal and Dewey, we did a noise fest presented
by Don Haugen in Eugene

Oracular Madness Choir --- 2001-2004 i had the great fortune of playing with
Dale Pendell, Laura McCarthy, and Jacob Nasim. We had an expandoband at
Mind States 2001 and a cast of thousands at BM 2002

Neighborhood Bass Coalition--- between 2001-2004 i did a few gigs with NBC , a very memorable one was a guerilla event in Golden Gate Park, SF, CA.>

Jams with my cassette culture friends ------2006-2010 i was fortunate to do two jams with old friends
that i knew from the late 80s cassette trading scene. I went to Gainseville FL and played with
Hal McGee
and in CA i played with Don Campau.

Synaptic Tendrills ------2006-2010 was a duo , trio with Joe Wisgirda "Big Joe Daddy" (and sometimes Winston Berger) Joe played a digital trumpet into virtual synths. We did a few duos and a few back to back performances.

with Cosmic Venus ------2011-2013 The creation of Samira Sharif (vocals, fx, groovebox) CV was a duo, trio, or quartet (vocals guitar, synth, drums), we did many great shows in the SF Bay Area including a gig at Maker Fair.

SpaceBrane,   --- duo (sometimes trio, Paul E, Crystal, and for a time with Dwight Loop of synthesizer,  computers, and more synthesizers. There are hours of this needing to be edited

with Tom Nunn and Gary Knowlton ------2016 Tom and Gary played homeade soundboard instruments.
We did a few jams at Garys and one live in Berkeley. There's some video made by Winston Berger that needs posting.

Crystal/Shirzad,  ---2022-present is a duo (Shirzad Sharif, Crystal) of Middle Eastern percussion and virtual synthesizer soundscapes.

wanna hear some strange stuff? Solo computer experiments



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