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which will provide information about  my many interests.  Hopefully this web page will be provide an adequate forum to for positive and creative interactions. Please contact me if you share any of these interests especially if you want to collaborate.

a quick synopsis of my main interests:   reading (non-fiction mostly),    aromatics (perfumery, essential oils and incense),  music,    breathing,   electronics,    herbs and plants,    art,   history,    alchemy,   yoga,    philosophy,   the mind,    gems and minerals,   nutrition,   solar energy,  sound for video, photography,   and plenty more.


 i have been creating electroacoustic music since 1981.  my main instrument for many years was the electric bass played through successively larger and larger amplifiers. i play small percussion such as bells, hand drums, shakers, chimes, tibetan and quartz crystal bowls, and  synthesizers and effects devices some of which i built.  presently, i am creating sounds primarily with computers. for a few years (1990-1992) i had my own cassette label Dancing Bear Audio Research trading home made music with folks worldwide.  now it is an internet space station.
   my musical creations are very hard for me to describe but i will try: electro-acoustic, space drone, psych*delic, trance inducing,  improvisational, noise & sound sculptures. i am mostly involved in very loosely structured improvisational jamming and novel uses of new sounds.

musically collaborate -- if you are interested please let me know

  here are just some of my favorites artists i listen to: 

Cluster, Velvet Underground,Brian Eno, Grateful Dead, Gong, Jimi Hendrix, Weather Report, Can, Yes, PFunk, Miles Davis, Robert Fripp and King Crimson, Roxy Music, Jon Hassell, Ravi Shankar, Hamza El Din, the Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, Material, Terje Rypdal, Terry Rielly, Baba Olatunji, Wayne Horvitz, Zakir Hussein, It's a Beautiful Day, Tangerine Dream, Nina Hagen Band, Jefferson Airplane, Bela Fleck, G.S. Sachdev, Sussan Deheim, Elliot Sharp, John Denver, Chrome, Frank Zappa, Pharoah Saunders, X Ray Spex, Sun Ra and the Intergalactic Bombastic Spaceway Expressway Orchestra, , Hal McGee, Dead Kennedys, Mozart, James Brown, Klaus Schultze,  Colin Walcott, Patti Smith, Sonny Sharrock,  Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Robert Rich, Pere Ubu, Genesis and Peter Gabriel,  David Bowie, Art Ensemble of Chicago, David Torn, Waylon Jennings, Keith Richard and the Rolling Stones, Musica Electronica Viva, Donna Summer, CIII, Buddy Guy, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Ornette Coleman, Bob Marley and the Wailers, John Cage, Paul Winter, Chicago, Bartok, Mike Stern, Fela Anipulapo Kuti, J.S.Bach, Popul Vuh, Sex Pistols, PIL, Cream, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, AMM, Gil Evans Orch., Laurie Anderson,  Big City Orchestra, Heart, Gyuto Monks, Steve Roach,  the Damned, Bill Nelson, Xennaxis, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Leni Stern, Stockhausen, Les Claypool, Michael Brook, Woodie Guthrie, Anthony Braxton, Stravinsky, Esquivel, Peter Gordon, Willie Nelson, Jim Morrison and the Doors, Mark Deutch, Bill Frisell, Sanhko Namchylak, Burning Spear, UK Subs, Sphongle, Vernon Reid, SOE,  Gamelan , Hindustani Indian classical, and so much more.



Essential Oils and Aromatics

  Since 1994 i have been involved professionally in the trade of aromatics, mostly essential oil blends and perfumes.  my original interest in aromatics began with incense which i sampled extensively from the time i was 14 years old.  in the summer of '94  i started making custom blended massage oils and selling them at concerts and music festivals .
i then slowly entered the essential oil trade with about 12 oils, then 20, and onwards. extensive study of essential oils, perfumery, and aromatherapy became part of my daily life. i am still studying and formulating daily, recently i have been concentrating on perfumes and anointing oils.

Garden of Sensual Delight.

Gemstones and mineral specimens

  i am very much involved in gems and mineral trading, buying, selling, and gifting and receiving pieces. i became interested in the metaphysical properties of minerals in the summer of 1994. 
To look at some nice specimens or if you are interested in purchasing gems and mineral specimens
GEMS and Minerals page which is not there!



 As a preteen i spent a lot of time drawing, coloring, and painting. space-aliens, witches, mushrooms, ufos, and dragons were common themes in my early drawings. then school came along and attempted to crush any bit of creativity out of me.  i was very advanced academically (although i was a behavior problem- by their standards) and spent a lot of bored class time doodling and drawing. i had one teacher (9th grade study) who really encouraged my artistic leanings but i was just discovering drvgs and teenage rebellion so i didn't really recognize her encouragement at the time.

  many years went by and i embarked on the road with only a backpack.  as a portable, creative outlet  i started to do mandalas with  ink and colored pencil. memories of going into the city for supplies and scoring a few more pencils still makes me smile.

  breathwork, gemstones, yoga, psych*delics, meditating, hiking, and watching the sun and moon rise almost every day  contributed to my artist vision at this time of my life.


 In  1995 i traded in some of my heavy amplifiers ( which were sitting in a storage unit) for a Nikon F2 camera at the used musical equipment and camera store.. i also got a low light lens (f1.2) for night and candlelight photography. eventually ('99) i scored a nikon coolpix 950 for about a million dollars and entererd the world of digital photography. recently i have been using a Canon powershot G5 digital camera.  i am particularly happy about manipulating digital images with software.  check it out

My diet and lifestyle

My first serious interactions with herbal preparations was blending and brewing teas.  as a young teenager i drank black tea, eventually switching over to herbal tea when i started looking for ways to improve my health.   About that same stage of my life i started to improve my diet, going from fast food, instant food, and canned food to fresh vegetables, and specialty shop meat and cheese. i  stopped eating meat in 1988. Two and a half years later i eliminated all dairy foods from my diet.  this was the absolutely best decision i have ever made for my health, and for the health of this planet.  i am interested in living higher and happier.   Since 1985 i have been studying the use of plants for better health.  My botanical interests now include essential oils and flower essences, and Chinese and domestic herbs.   Bodywork such as massage, energy work, accupressure, and other physical healing modalities are also interests.  

 breathwork and controlled breathing techniques such as Pranayama are some of the most healthy and useful techniques i have studied. highly recommend to anyone interested in improving one's health, happiness, and state of being.

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