Greetings. i wrote this website mostly by hand in 1999. It was updated once until now 9 2023...You have arrived at the

  Crystal Awareness Website

  Hopefully this web page will provide an adequate look at my interests and lead to positive and creative interactions.

a quick synopsis:   reading (non-fiction mostly),    aromatics (perfumery, essential oils and incense),  music,    electronics,   

art,   gems and minerals,   sound for video


 i have been creating electroacoustic music since 1981.  my main instrument for many years was the electric bass played through successively larger and larger amplifiers and lotsa FX pedals. i play small percussion such as bells, hand drums, shakers, chimes, tibetan and quartz crystal bowls, and  synthesizers and effects devices some of which i built.  i am creating sounds primarily with computers until i set up a proper hardware jamspace.
   my musical creations are electro-acoustic, space drone, psych*delic, trance inducing,  improvisational, noise & sound sculptures. i am mostly involved in very loosely structured improvisational jamming and novel uses of new sounds.




Essential Oils and other Aromatics

  Since 1994 i have been involved professionally in the trade of aromatics, essential oil blends and perfumes.  my original interest in aromatics began with incense which i sampled extensively from the time i was 14 years old.  in the summer of 1994  i started making custom blended massage oils and selling them at concerts and music festivals .
i entered the essential oil trade with about 12 oils, then 20, and onwards (100s). extensive study of essential oils, perfumery, and aromatherapy became part of my daily life. i am still studying and formulating, i've been involved in natural perfumery since the 2000s. GOSD


Gemstones and mineral specimens

  i was very much involved in gems and mineral trading, buying, selling, and gifting and receiving pieces. i became interested in minerals in the summer of 1994. i'm still somewhat puzzled by how deep i've gotten. 
GEMS and Minerals page i'm redoing this whole section



 As a preteen i spent a lot of time drawing, coloring, and painting. space-aliens, witches, mushrooms, ufos, and dragons were common themes in my early drawings. many years later i started to do mandalas with  ink, colored pencil and some watercolor. memories of going into the city for supplies and scoring a few more pencils still makes me smile.

  breathwork, gemstones, yoga, psych*delics, meditating, hiking, and watching the sun and moon rise almost every day  contributed to my artist vision at this point of my life.


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