I rarely sell singles any more but i have some more than i
need, and i am raising some funds for other adventures in aromaland.
These are all available and i can bottle and hand label them as soon as they are ordered, there is a limited supply.
Go here
Singles for a list of already bottled single essences that are labeled.

5ml. except as indicated

  • Bergamot - $14
  • Cedarwood *15ml.*- $15
  • Geranium, Rose - $14
  • Geranium, Bourbon- $14
  • Rose *1ml.* - $50
  • Rosemary - $14
  • Tea Tree *15ml.* - $12
  • Tea Tree, Lemon - $14
  • Ylang Ylang - $8
  • Frankincense - $16
  • Vetiver - $16
  • Turmeric - $14

Lavender, both the highland grown French, and the Bulgarian or Oregonian,
is one of the few singles that i have always stocked and sold.
I have very little but am preparing to order more. Let me know
asap if you want some, i will put off ordering it for a few days.

I like to trade, see my barter page
I take Paypal and Venmo
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